Frequently Asked Questions                   




Q: Do you have a waiting list?

A: Yes, we have a reservation list, no waiting list.  An application must be submitted, approved and a NON refundable deposit before you can be put on our reservation list.


Q: Is there a deposit required to get on the reservation list?

A: Yes, a NON refundable deposit is required to be on the reservation list. 


Q: How do I know what puppy pick I get?

A: We will keep you informed of your placement on the list.


Q: At what age do we pick our puppy?

A: Puppies are usually picked between 4 to 6 weeks of age but is still up to the breeder. Breeder has 1st pick up to the complete litter if they so choose.


Q: When will I pick up my puppy?

A: Puppies are to be picked up at 8 weeks old.


Q: Do you ship?

A: Yes we do ship at buyers expense. We will help you get coordinated with a shipper. We DO NOT recommend ground shipping as your puppy will be near other pets and the length of time the may be on the rode. Flight nannies are one on one with your puppy and is their only priority. Also you usually receive your puppy the same day or within 24 hours.


Q: Do you offer a health guarantee?

A: Yes our puppies come with a ONE year health guarantee. If you use PawTree, the natural dog food your puppy has been raised on, our “Puppy Health Guarantee” will be increased to THREE years! 


Q: What kind of food do you feed/recommend?

A: Over the years we have tried many different foods and we are so happy to have found one we absolutely love. We feed our crew PawTree, a high-quality food made with the finest ingredients. Check out our PawTree page for more information 


Q: What is the price of your puppies?

A: Our Frenchies start at $4500 and go up from there depending on the puppys quality, color and DNA

A: Our Bostons start at $2000 and go up from there depending on the puppys quality and color


Q: Do you offer full rights?

A: Yes we offer full rights to like-minded individuals and  established breeders, at breeders discretion. The application will help deteremine eligibility


Q: If I have any questions after I take my puppy home, may I contact you?

A: We are here to help and answer any questions. You may call, text or email us anytime, DAY OR NIGHT. You are part of the Freedom FNB family now!!






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